Posted on September 23, 2014

The Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) and J.P. Morgan have joined forces for the first time to host the 5th Annual IR Conference in Doha on the 22nd of September in association with the Middle East Investor Relations Society (MEIRS).

The event was targeted all Qatari listed companies, featuring a wide spectrum presentations on a series of significant of global best IR practices. The program topics aim to educate listed companies on the importance of sound Investor Relations practices covering the following main topics such as the understanding of the role of sell side and buy side, setting the IR strategy, communicating the strategy, and a case study on a Qatari listed company.

The topics and aim of the workshop were to support the further development and practice of investor relations [IR] in Qatar, in line with the increasing growth and significance of the QE as an international capital market and the growing importance of regional and international investors to Qatari companies. Topics on investor outreach, Investor Relations strategy, investor sentiment towards Qatar and new technologies in Investor Relations were all discussed. 

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Mr. Abdelaziz Al-Emadi, Listing Director of the Qatar Stock Exchange, stated: “We are very pleased to once again host the 5th Annual IR Conference here in Doha. The event today is constructed to build on the ground work of prior events and is specifically designed this year in partnering with J.P. Morgan to give our listed companies the opportunity to interact with industry experts in the area of IR. He also added: Transparency and disclosure play a vital role in the development of a shareholding company listed on the Exchange. These two concepts are important pillars for the efficient functioning of a modern capital market and for fostering social-well-being. At QSE, we strive to deliver the necessary tools and the know-how in setting up your IR strategies within your respective companies and better yet communicating an effective strategy to the international investment community.”

It is worth mentioning that this annual conference represents QSE interest in developing the efficiency of the capital market in the State of Qatar through the enhancement of disclosure and communication practices between listed companies and their investor base through the adoption of best practices in this area.