Posted on October 04, 2019

Qatar University awarded the contract for engineering, procurement services, supply and installation of the cultivation equipment at its Vegetable Factory Pilot Project with Chiyoda Corp of Japan and Chiyoda Almana Engineering.

The two firms have a proven track record of successful implementation of projects in the State of Qatar, mainly in the energy sector, as well as implementing other projects related to the environmental sector.

The Centre for Sustainable Development at the QU College of Arts and Sciences is creating integrated knowledge and collaborative arrangements to solve the pressing issues of sustainable development of water and food security, preserving and protecting the environment in Qatar, while reducing and adjusting the long-term impacts of climate change. Within the framework of Qatar University’s support through its research centres and research projects related to food security, a research team has been formed to explore innovative solutions to meet the challenges of national food security in the State of Qatar.

The research team has reached out to several companies in Qatar and abroad to explore possible collaborations to achieve the team’s technological and scientific vision. The research team also adapts and develops project ideas to national environmental conditions, particularly with regard to cooling systems and power supplies. The research team selected Chiyoda for its expertise and advanced technology in the field of agriculture and vegetable production. This new technology is characterised by the absence of a link between production and environmental factors, which helps maintain the continuity of production and product quality and safety, the statement notes.

The technology proposed by Chiyoda is compatible with national environmental conditions in terms of water scarcity, limited space and high temperatures.