Posted on November 11, 2018

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, and in the presence of HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Thani, Deputy Emir of Qatar, Qatar University (QU) organized the Graduation Ceremony of its 41st batch of students on Sunday 11th November, 2018 at the new Sports & Events Complex at QU. This year boasts a total of 3370 graduates total, 800 males and 2562 female, for the academic year of Fall 2017 and Winter, Spring and Summer 2018.

Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of QU said at the graduation ceremony opening speech: "Welcome to Qatar University and to the new Sports & Events Complex at QU that His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, instructed to be built. The building was successfully completed in less than a year.” Dr. Hassan adds, “As we celebrate today this batch of distinguished graduates, we are witnessing an important milestone in the history of our beloved homeland. The people of Qatar and its residents have shown a unique loyalty and show of solidarity to our wise leadership, who led the country amid the unjust siege that sought to hijack the prosperity of our country.”

Dr. Al-Derham speaks of the future of QU, telling the audience that QU is working in partnership with various sectors to bring about a qualitative leap in the University’s education. He says, Qatar University is a national university in which Qatari society is witnessing a revitalization. This shift coincides with the international trends and the Qatar National Vision 2030. "In recent years, thanks to God Almighty, and with the continuous support of the Board of Trustees, the University has achieved a high place in the list of the best universities in the world," he continues.

QU continues to be ranked first in the International Outlook indicator in the overall Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings list for the fourth time in a row. “And allow me, your Excellency and the honorable audience, to say that this achievement at the global level was the result of sincere efforts made by university professors and researchers and students. It is our duty to appreciate what they have done and what they continue to do.” “We at Qatar University are working on developing social and human sciences in our academic programs, in our study plans, as well as in the development of scientific research methods and research centers. We are making these efforts so that the University can address the issues of the Qatari society and the challenges it faces due to the rapid economic and social developments. The University also strives to promote values ​​of work, competence, excellence, values ​​of belonging and identity, with intellectual openness and innovation."

“QU is working on developing applied science programs in various disciplines. Our researchers have also been able to interact with the challenges of Qatari society. For example, our scientists have developed a modern technique to cool open sports arenas. This technology was successfully used at Khalifa International Stadium and is being developed for use in the cooling of agricultural greenhouses in support of our food security.” Dr. Hassan says researchers from QU, in collaboration with their contemporaries from other universities, have made a leap forward in developing engineered living heart valves that can work like natural heart valves and grow bigger after implantation in human heart. Inventions such as these work toward developing Qatar and making the community as valuable as possible.

The President of the University said that the management of the QU has worked during the past period on several aspects, including:

  1. Strengthening the University's relationship with the community by communicating with its various groups, reviewing the needs of the labor market, as well as absorbing as many Qatari students as possible while improving academic programs and their outputs.
  2. Building future Qatari cadres. In the last period, the University attracted nearly 120 distinguished graduates and their scholarships to the best international universities.
  3. Raise the level of infrastructure and buildings on campus to accommodate the steady increase in the number of students and the expansion of programs and colleges.
  4. Adopting the University Strategy 2018-2022 from the Board of Trustees, where we are working on achieving 34 goals through 120 initiatives, centered around the student as a goal of the educational process in all its dimensions. We have already begun to implement and follow up their operational plans.

The university president noted that universities play an important role in building communities and homelands. Universities erase the darkness of ignorance with the light of science and arrive at facts by testing hypotheses through a rigorous research methodology based on scientific evidence. Universities enrich human experience through the creations of various arts. We look towards the future because of the experiences of the past, as it illuminates the way forward.

“In this context, we are living in a world of rapid political, social and economic changes. We are also witnessing the indications of a fourth Industrial Revolution that will change our lifestyles and will impose a new reality for the requirements and needs of the labor markets. To what extent are we prepared for this major transformation including at Qatar University?” “QU seeks to play a leading role in bringing about a wide-ranging intellectual and scientific revival in different fields. QU is not just a traditional entity, in fact it is an active idea that leads students and faculty towards building the future of their homeland. QU acts as a tree with its roots deep into the ground of the country. The branches carry high values and it bears fruits that nourish the hearts and minds of our community from professors to students to researchers.”

Dr. Hassan addresses the audience at the Graduation Ceremony saying, "Allow me to tell you this about our understanding of the student experience in QU. This experience does not start when the student sets foot inside the campus and it doesn’t end at graduation. In fact, it is a long journey that starts at elementary going through high school. For the young adults, QU organizes many competitions and programs for young students including programs that work towards simplifying the sciences and endearing it to young people.”

“And of course the experience continues past the undergraduate stage as well, through lifelong learning programs, graduate studies and the QU Alumni Association. The student experience is not limited simply to education and research, it is also a human experience, in which the quest for knowledge also involves various daily challenges. Allow me, distinguished guests to relay to you the experience of two of our graduates.” “Among us today is the graduate Abdullah Saeed Al-Khwar, a student of the College of Law. His father tragically died of an incurable disease. As a result, Abdullah decided to donate his liver in his father’s honor. He withdrew from QU for a semester and then returned to complete his studies. Now he is among us today as a graduate. Your family is proud of you Abdullah, and so are we.”

“Today, we also celebrate Saeed Essa Al-Thawadi, a special needs student from the College of Business and Economics. He possessed a determination to complete his studies, as did his mother who supported him, by taking him to all his classes and helped him to fulfill his educational needs. Today, Saeed is graduating with a degree of excellence. Thank you Saeed for your diligence. God rewarded his mother with the best reward, she was patient and resolute, and today she is reaping the fruits of her labor.” Dr. Hassan addressed the students saying: “Always remember the guidance of His Highness the Emir, when he visited our university and said the profound words, ‘Man is the most important building block of our nation and the greatest investment. Qatar invested in you.’” 

Since its establishment in the 1970s, QU has contributed significantly to the country's resurgence. QU’s contributions are great, graduating more than 45,000 students that strive in achieving the vision of the nation. Over the past years, the University has been keenly concerned with the so-called global classification of universities, as well as the academic accreditation of many of its colleges and programs is an investment for the education. The event included a documentary film produced by QU, in which the university's vision, strategic plan and achievements were recognized. HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Thani was then on hand to graduate the 41st batch of students amidst a large presence of senior officials, university staff and parents.