Posted on November 13, 2018

Under the patronage and presence of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Hamad bin Suhaim Al-Thani, wife of His Highness the Emir, Qatar University (QU) organizes the graduation ceremony of its 41st batch of distinguished female students at the new Sports and Events Complex, with a total of 274 female students receiving outstanding standing.

Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of QU keynote

In his opening speech, Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of QU said, “We are honored to graduate today the 41st batch of students. We are not only celebrating today the graduation of our daughters but we are also celebrating and are proud of what our blessed nation has provided, and to our loyal community in Qatar.”

Dr. Hassan adds, “As we stand here today in this graduation ceremony, it is proof that women have an important role. It is a declaration by our society that we invest in the human before we invest in currency — substance before appearance. A woman’s standing here, is exactly as a man’s standing. And for this, please allow me to say, we are proud of what QU has accomplished and continues to accomplish in over 40 years. QU has been the leader in the field of science, developing and advancing for the good of the country.”

“QU has achieved a lot. It places as one of the best universities in the world. In the context of excellence, many of the colleges and programs at QU obtain academic accreditation from the most esteemed international institutions, a fact which proves QU’s great efforts in the world of knowledge and science.”

Qatar University graduates its 2 [].jpg

“We proceed with the firm conviction that continuous success is linked to the constant quest to deliver the best for both our students and community, particularly due to the challenges we face on a local and global level. Higher education has changed in Qatar recently. Students now face an increased spirit of competition between their peers at different educational institutions, and the ceiling has risen in terms of requirements and expectations. For this reason, it is imperative that QU keep up with this new change, so that we offer the best for our students in various fields, as this is a duty bestowed upon us as the emancipators of knowledge.”

“Therefore, as we strive for excellence, we will sharpen our energy towards transforming the QU vision into a concrete reality so that QU will be known regionally for its excellence in education and research, as the preferred choice for students of science, professors and researchers and a catalyst for sustainable social and economic development in Qatar. In order to achieve this vision, the university will focus on supporting its vital sectors in education, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. In the next phase, the University will work towards providing more and optimizing the available resources while maintaining our role as a national university that opens its doors to the advancement of science and knowledge for all students. We will work to make a quantum leap in specific areas, taking advantage of our current standing point of excellence.”

Dr. Hassan continues saying, “As we celebrate the success of our daughters as they graduate, we must also pay homage and respect to the parents who have supported them and we offer them all the appreciation, so congratulations to you all. I cannot fail to mention the faculty of QU as well, who through teaching, build a generation of promising women, of which our country depends on. Women are the parallel of men, half of society, and indeed also the whole of society, as they play a pivotal role in building future generations.”

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QU’s President concluded his speech giving advice to the female graduates, “Following this ceremony, you will begin a new phase in your lives, where you will begin to contribute effectively to the service of your beloved country Qatar. Our country needs us, especially during these times, where only the best of our efforts is enough. Our nation has never once given us less than the absolute best. There should be no room for complacency or a decrease in the pace of work. Today, you are on the threshold of a new phase, characterized by a bid to serve our dear country. I would like to conclude by reminding you that the responsibility that lies with you is no less than that of men, as it is never gender-specific.”

This year, around 3370 students (2562 females and 800 male) from fall 2017, winter 2018, spring 2018 and summer 2018 will be graduating from all colleges. This is the 41st batch of students to graduate from QU. QU’s new strategy places an emphasis on elevating the student experience by placing QU as a pioneer and a leading educational institution in the higher education sector in Qatar and abroad. QU is committed to providing high-quality education in areas of national priority, moving towards building a knowledge-based society.

The strategy aims to facilitate and encourage Qatari nationals to enter university and graduate with high educational degrees. Furthermore, QU works to increase the flexibility of educational opportunities, providing programs for undergraduate and graduate students that meet the needs of the country’s labor market.