Posted on September 21, 2015

Qatar University (QU) will host the debut of the travelling MathAlive! Exhibit at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 1. The exhibition is a partnership among QU colleges of Engineering (CENG), Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Education (CED) and Raytheon Company.

The ceremony will be attended by QU Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Dr Mazen Hasna, Raytheon International Qatar President Yezen Munir, CENG Dean Dr Rashid Al-Ammari, CAS Dean Dr Eiman Mustafawi, and CED Dean Dr Hissa Sadiq, in addition to students and faculty members and senior representatives from Raytheon. A number of government, academic and business officials are also expected to attend.

MathAlive!, which is aimed at late primary and early secondary school students, is an interactive and inspiring learning exhibition in the world of mathematics and science, designed to inspire and spark the imagination, and to reveal the endless possibilities of Math outside the classroom. It will bring to life the real Math behind video games, sports, fashion, music, robotics, and more, and create interactive and immersive experiences that illustrate the math at work in each, whether in design, application or use. The exhibition will also feature activities, games, seminars and workshops.

Dr Hasna said: “Qatar University continues to play a leading role in promoting accessible solutions for youth in Qatar that engage their interest in science and Math. We are pleased to partner with Raytheon in this innovative initiative that will positively impact a large number of QU students, as well as young students across Qatar in a fun experience of discovery and creativity.”

Qatar University to host MathAlive 2 [].jpgMr Munir extended his thanks and appreciation to QU leadership and CENG for their support of the MathAlive! Exhibition, saying: “The MathAlive! exhibition comes as part of Raytheon’s continued commitment to enriching STEM education globally, and is in keeping with the Qatari government’s firm commitment and success in advancing academics and building a robust educational sector. Through its innovative approach to learning, MathAlive! seeks to redefine the academic experience and engage students through the activities they enjoy the most, and we hope to compliment the visionary efforts of Qatar’s leadership to dynamically diversify their educational platforms and strengthen their knowledge economy.”

Dr Al-Ammari said: “This is part of CENG’s commitment to bring awareness to the importance of science and mathematics to the country’s development, and uplift the STEM skillsets of the younger generation by relating it to their everyday life,” he said. Dr Mustafawi said: “As the host of a vibrant Mathematics program at QU, CAS has been an active partner in promoting Math and Science as a critical area in the country’s progress. This exhibition will serve to advance efforts at the College, QU and on a national level to boost enthusiasm and interest in the subject.”

Dr Hissa said: “This exhibition comes as the College continues to promote STEM to young students in schools across Doha. It will bring them in contact with techniques and solutions in science and Math, matched with fun and user-friendly games and activities.”