Posted on March 13, 2016

Qatargas' Emergency Management and Security Services (EMSS) Department, in coordination with the Qatar General Directorate of Civil Defense (GDCD), has conducted an unannounced emergency exercise to ensure the emergency preparedness of the Company’s Doha Head Office.

Qatargas Doha Head Office, located in the West Bay area, is a 52-storey building which has offices for employees from both Qatargas and Qatar Petroleum. The company conducts regular exercises to ensure that effective safety and security measures are in place and will work properly in the event of an emergency. The latest exercise tested emergency notifications, safety of staff within protected lobbies, phased evacuation of personnel who are at greater risk, effectiveness of the rescue operations and medical aid.

Qatargas conducts emergency exercise 1 [].JPG

The exercise simulated a fire in one of the floors and focused on safeguarding the occupants and recovery issues. The responders included staff from Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatargas Initial Response Team, Qatargas Medical team and trained Floor Wardens from both Qatargas and Qatar Petroleum. The participants were not informed of the day or time of the exercise, in order to test and simulate a real emergency and response scenario. The exercise allowed Qatargas to validate its plans and capabilities, and to identify areas for improvement. The Company’s role in the exercise was to provide immediate response to individuals affected and enabled its Incident Command team and Qatar Civil Defense staff to train together and validate response procedures.

Commenting on the exercise, Randy Lee Stadler, Qatargas' Chief Safety, Environment and Quality Officer, said: “This exercise tested multiple elements of our emergency response plan building on the capabilities we have developed over the past few years to respond to and manage emergencies.It provided an opportunity for continuous improvement in additional planning or changes in our response procedure.”

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Hassan Jassim Abu-Khamis, Qatargas EMSS Manager, said: “This exercise has proved to be an important medium for ensuring the safety-readiness of our Company and an opportunity for us to work together with Qatar Civil Defense to preserve the security and the well-being of our employees in the event of an emergency. It is our responsibility to make sure that Qatargas is prepared for the variety of hazards we may face, from a fire to a natural disaster. We thank Qatar Civil Defense for their support which helped us to test our emergency response and evacuation plan and this annual emergency exercise is a key component of our emergency management program.”

Brigadier Hamad Al-Duhaimi, Qatar Civil Defense Operations Director, said: “Qatar Civil Defense is proud to work together with Qatargas to promote Safety and Emergency Response Preparedness. This exercise is essential as Qatar Civil Defense and Qatargas prepares to efficiently handle emergencies requiring multi-agency coordination.”