Posted on October 01, 2018

The Qatari government has approved setting up a free area for registration of foreign media outlets in order to attract more such media to the country, the cabinet said in a statement.

"The free zone for media registration is created to attract international media outlets, companies, research and education organizations in the field of media and digital media and to ensure the support for investment funds, movie and TV production," the statement on the results of the Wednesday government session read.

Saif bin Ahmed Al Thani (pictured), the director of the Qatari Government Communications Office, said on Wednesday that adoption of the decision to create the free area for foreign journalists' registration within a Qatari free trade zone was an important move toward the development of regional media outlets and creating trustworthy transparent journalism by the means of international law in the region. Earlier in September, the Qatari cabinet endorsed a draft law on media freedom, which regulates publishing, media activities and arts in the country.

source: Sputnik