Posted on June 08, 2015

Located 80 kilometres off Qatar’s northern coastline, work on the 33 platforms of the Al Shaheen oilfield goes largely unnoticed in Doha. But for Khalid Jassim – an inspection coordinator at Maersk Oil Qatar – the economic importance of Al Shaheen is clear.

“I get a real buzz and sense of pride working offshore as I know that my work ultimately brings revenue to Qatar, which in turn helps my country to continue to grow and develop. The field has not been easy to develop, so the fact that Maersk Oil and its employees have become Al Shaheen specialists is inspiring. I’m fortunate to have found my place with a company that plays an important role in my nation’s development and that’s committed to building my skills and experience,” Khalid said.

Khalid is currently an inspection coordinator within Maersk Oil’s Marine and Pipeline Department, where he oversees the floating, storage and offloading (FSO) operations at the Al Shaheen field. Two of the world’s largest FSOs are currently in operation in the field; oil is pumped from the platforms and stored onboard these giant vessels, before being transferred via export hose to tankers that then transport it to international markets. He started his career at Maersk Oil Qatar in 2008 as a trainee and over time, through hard work and dedication, progressed to take on more responsibility.

“With the continued development of the Al Shaheen field,” he commented, “the responsibilities required of me have grown and evolved as the organisation has. Over time we have become even more focused on efficiency, while always maintaining the highest safety standards. This is where my role has become increasingly challenging and even more interesting.” As part of the Maersk Group, a global conglomerate operating across industries and in more than 130 countries, Maersk Oil Qatar is uniquely placed to share knowledge and expertise with its Qatari employees, whether they work in technical or non-technical positions.

Maersk Oil Qatar’s Head of Qatarization, Sheikh Jassim bin Saud Al-Thani, said: Working closely with our partner Qatar Petroleum (QP), we have developed unrivalled technical experience and understanding of the Al Shaheen field. Talented employees like Khalid Jassim, who are committed to learn and develop their careers, have and will continue to be central to our success.” Al Shaheen was once considered a marginal field and therefore unattractive for development. But thanks to the expert knowledge of Maersk Oil, its Partner QP and the innovative approaches and technologies applied by their specialist teams, it now contributes over a third of Qatar’s daily oil production.

Qatarization brings tangible 2 [].jpgThis has enabled Maersk Oil to expand opportunities for promising young Qataris like Khalid. Throughout his career, he has had many opportunities to attend specialised training courses and development programmes, both in Qatar and abroad. “My career development is guided by a personal development plan, which I’ve developed in collaboration with my line manager; it identifies my role and responsibilities on an annual basis and I’m supported by a mentor and an experienced career coach. Working on one of the world’s most complex offshore oilfield developments requires the constant honing and development of skills to ensure we apply the right technologies at the right time,” Khalid added.

Khalid’s mentor, Mr. Kenny Smart, Director of Integrity and Reliability of Maersk Oil Qatar, remarked: “I’m proud of Khalid’s development over the past eight years; and he has taken great strides towards developing his career path. He is always looking for opportunities to add to his experience and knowledge, whether he is onshore or offshore. He has always been diligent with regard to his duties and in ensuring that the operation standards are high. He’s a very ambitious young man who is just one of our many talented Qataris who have a bright future ahead of them.” 

In 2013, Maersk Oil Qatar launched a new Qatarization Strategy that set a goal to quadruple the number of Qataris in leadership and senior specialist positions by 2017. With that in mind, a series of bespoke programmes were launched to support the career and leadership development of Qataris, aiming to arm them with the skills, confidence and support needed to manage people, lead projects and become senior specialists and leaders.

Sheikh Jassim said: “We are just as committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent as we ever have been. Qatarization is a key business priority for Maersk Oil Qatar and I encourage Qataris who are looking for a challenging yet rewarding role to come and join Khalid.”

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