Posted on September 08, 2012

Qatar Charity (QC) distributed clothes and gifts for the Eid al Fitr festivity to more than 9,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, bringing the season’s joy to children and their families, who live in trying circumstances.

Mohammed Mubarak Salem al Adsani, QC’s executive director for international operations, said: “The distribution of clothing to Syrian refugee families in these three countries was intended to bring joy and happiness to the children and their families on the occasion of Eid al Fitr.”

The project was part of the Syria relief campaign under the slogan “Syria Cries for Help”, which is being organised by Qatar Charity in cooperation with other Qatari charitable societies including Eid Charity Foundation, Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) and the Qatar Red Crescent Society.

Adsani stressed that the operation was motivated by a sense of humanitarian duty, which requires the Qatar Charity to seek all means of alleviating the sufferings of Syrian refugees who are living in foreign lands. He noted that of the more than 9,000 refugees who benefited from the Eid clothing provision project, 3,840 refugees are located in Iraq, 2,900 in Jordan and 2,300 in Turkey. 

The clothes and gifts, according to Adsani, were distributed in camps in Istanbul, the Hatay region, and other areas in Turkey, and in Dumez camp of Dohuk province in Iraqi Kurdistan, in addition to in more than 34 centres in Jordan.

The QC field delegations which oversaw the exercise included Dr Ali al Qaradaghi, a professor at Qatar University and a member of QC’s general assembly, who worked in Iraq, Mohammed Mubarak Salem al Adsani, who was in Turkey, and Jassim Abdullah al Jassim, director of social welfare at QC, who went to Jordan.

source: Qatar Tribune