Posted on March 11, 2016

Qatar Charity (QC) has renovated seven surface water wells annexed with cattle troughs to provide drinking water to needy people of Middle Shebelle in Somalia. Over 24,500 people and tens of thousands of cattle could benefit from the new water facilities a day.

Mohammed Hussein Omar, Director of QC office in Somalia, said, “QC launched projects in Somalia such as those related to education, health and drinking water. “The new project will meet the people’s need for drinking water. The floods damaged the wells causing severe shortage of drinking water. As a result, many people left these areas. They walked miles looking for drinking water.” QC, in collaboration with its office, conducted a study to upgrade the wells by increasing the depth and fixing their network pipes. Pumps with generators were also added to the wells.

QC renovates seven wells [].jpg

“In 2013 and 2014, Somalia witnessed many natural disasters. QC implemented the project to support the affected families and help them overcome such a humanitarian disaster,” he added. QC’s office thanked the Qatari philanthropists and people in Qatar for great efforts and said they reflect the true face of the generous Qatari society. “We offer our help to Somalia in the fields of shelter, food and medication, among others, on humanitarian ground that connects us to the needy people around the world,” he added.

source: The Peninsula