Posted on December 05, 2019

Qatar Career Development Center has released the 9th edition of its annual Career Guide magazine, which features a wealth of articles, interviews, and useful tips from experts.

The new issue of Qatar Career Development Center’s (QCDC) guide touches on a variety of topics, from medical studies and related work prospects, to Qatari women’s success stories in the healthcare sector. It also sheds light on a series of key initiatives launched by inspiring Qatari figures, who have spearheaded efforts to support youth and help develop their skills. The publication also highlights the contribution of national service in developing the characters of Qatari youth and empowering them to tackle future challenges.

The cover of the new issue features Olympic medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, who made history by becoming the first American, hijab-wearing athlete to participate in the Olympic Games during the summer of 2016, before winning the bronze medal in the Saber fencing competition to, once again, enter the history books as the first female Muslim-American athlete to claim an Olympic medal. The former world champion visited Doha during the National Sport Day celebrations, where she participated in various activities, including an inspiring lecture hosted by QF as part of its Education City Speaker Series.

Ibtihaj spoke about her journey, not only as an Olympic athlete, but also as an activist, entrepreneur, and writer. “I always seek to be a model for others who try to achieve positive change. I feel that my journey in sports as a woman is a journey for all of us, in the sense that I want the girls who are like me to see themselves in my place someday, to see themselves in non-traditional roles, and to know that they have to take the initiative in order to achieve what they want," she said. Ibtihaj advised young girls never to give up their dreams or be afraid to continue their progress in life. "I hope your dreams will be greater than mine," she said. "It is important that we lead our lives by faith, not only during childhood, but throughout life. By faith, we can overcome fear that may hinder our success."

In his welcome note, Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, QCDC – a member of Qatar Foundation – said: “We are pleased to present the 9th edition of Career Guide magazine to our dear readers. Your unprecedented interaction with the previous editions, both through the mobile application and the print and digital copies, showed us how keen you are to acquire every piece of information possible that might help you in exploring your abilities and enhancing your perspectives. As a result, we have decided to publish the magazine on a semi-annual basis. Career Guide will keep you informed about the latest happenings in the field of career guidance and development, and provide access to new information to help you update your knowledge-base, and help you make better decisions regarding your academic and career paths.”

Al-Mansoori added that “protecting the ‘career security’ of Qatar is at the heart of our center’s mission. It’s a concept manifested by the development of qualified cadres, in all sectors and all disciplines, who can perform their duties and accomplish the tasks entrusted to them to the fullest.” “Through professional training at the highest levels and in all fields, and with the assistance of specialists, mentors, and assistance programs, these cadres will be empowered to support the respective fields in which they work. This is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, which has established a path for our nation to become a leader in the ranks of developed nations, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of all who live in Qatar,” Al-Mansoori explained.

In the Exploring Careers section, readers learn about the professions of a clinical pharmacist, museum curator, aviation security inspector, chemical engineer, and translator through interviews with industry professionals, who discuss their job prospects and dynamics. The issue also features a special interview with legal expert Hussain Khalil Heji, Director of Visually Impaired Friends Qatar. Heji discussed the nature of working in the legal field and his endeavor to change society's view of the visually impaired, as well as his hopes and aspirations in the field of community development.

This issue also features a special report on national service. The release of the report coincides with the National Service Academy’s graduation ceremony of its 11th batch of students, and reflects its role in equipping committed Qatari youth with military skills that empower them to ensure the security of Qatar and the development of its society, in light of the unprecedented challenges facing the country in the region. The magazine will be distributed to universities and educational organizations, ministries, government and private institutions, and other youth clubs and entities across Qatar, while QCDC will arrange regular visits to schools across the country to introduce the magazine to students, teachers, and academic counselors. QCDC representatives will brief students and school staff on the center’s mission and work mechanisms, in addition to the objectives behind the launch of the Career Guide.

Readers can access the content of the new issue, as well as all previous editions, through QCDC’s official website, Alternatively, the application, which provides users with a unique interactive experience, can be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets on Apple Store and Google Play.