Posted on June 17, 2017

Qatar Cancer Society ‘QCS’ draws a smile on the faces of children and adults patients by launching a periodic initiative to visit them in hospitals in collaboration with Hamad Hospital and the National Center for Cancer Care and Research, The initiative aims to provide psychological support for cancer patients and its positive impact on response to treatment.

Mrs. Maryam Hamad Al Noaimi - General Manager - said ‘this initiative Emphasizes the Charity’s keenness of to play its role both psychologically and physically.

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The organization of these visits comes to emphasize the importance of psychological support for this group and help them to overcome the stage of treatment with great patience and determination, especially with the relationship between the psychological and cancer patients. She added, Pointing out that these visits aim to raise the community's awareness of cancer and remove the fear and shame associated with it and emphasize that like all other diseases can be cured .

Noting that spreading awareness of cancer needs the concerted efforts of all state institutions, thanking everyone who contributed to drawing the smile on the faces of patients, children and adults, whether through psychological or material support.

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