Posted on September 26, 2016

Under the Patronage of H.E. the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) will host an Breast Cancer Conference ‎(BCC) ‎, The conference will be held under the theme “present standards and new perspectives ” at Doha Sheraton on October 28 and 29.

Dr. Abdul Azim Abdul Wahab - Vice Chairman of the Qatar Cancer Society- Director of the Scientific Committee of the Conference said" The breast cancer conference was developed to be of interest to healthcare ‎practitioners from all specialties, and will provide practical information to ‎enhance the quality of care of breast cancer, which will be delivered by ‎speakers and top experts in the field of breast cancer‏ ‏from Qatar, GCC ‎countries, Austria, Canada, USA, and Egypt.

If your schedule allows, we ‎hope you will plan to attend and take advantage of this conference". He added “Accompanying the Breast Cancer Conference, there will be a ‎specialized healthcare exhibition which is an important ‎opportunity for the healthcare industry companies to keep the ‎attendees abreast of latest innovations in the field of breast ‎cancer care under one roof at international level.‎

He continued “Breast cancer conference is a unique accredited ‎continuous professional development opportunity for ‎healthcare providers in the field of breast cancer ‎health care at the local, regional and international ‎levels. The conference will serve a great chance to exchange knowledge with top international ‎experts and familiarize yourself with the latest medical technologies in the field of ‎breast cancer.‎ The educational program of the breast cancer conference is directed toward all health ‎care providers involved in breast cancer care.

Researchers, Health sciences students, ‎and other health care professionals who are interested in the fight against   breast ‎cancer are also invited to attend"He said ". Overall learning objectives Represented in" Update the participants’ knowledge of novel prevention, screening, ‎diagnosis, and treatment approaches of breast cancer without any branding , ‎Provide practical information to enhance the quality of care of breast ‎cancer , Familiarize the participants with the current standards of breast cancer care ‎in the State of Qatar  Highlight the importance of psycho-oncologic support for breast cancer ‎patients , Emphasis the importance of the life after treatment for breast cancer survivors".