Posted on April 15, 2015

Qatar Cancer Society launched Digital campaigns on social media aimed at raising awareness of oral cancers and that its accounts on the "Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube".

This campaign is the belief of the importance of charity modern means of dissemination of a private community awareness with the ease of deployment and speed the arrival of all the categories and then to achieve the desired objective, And included this campaign awareness messages Digital aims to raise awareness. Qatar Cancer Society launched this campaign for the first year to raise awareness of cancer and ways to prevent it and to correct negative thoughts about the disease, and to emphasize the need for early detection and improved lifestyles through exercise and who play a major role in the prevention process of proper nutrition.

Campaign this month focused on oral cancers is where April is the month of awareness of the quality of the cancers which have a close relationship with age as 98% of injuries occur over the age of 40 years. The campaign also focused on the relationship of smoking and alcohol abuse incidence of this type of cancer, as well as exposure to sunlight containing UV.QCS launches digital campaigns 2 [].jpgQCS launches digital campaigns 3 [].jpg