Posted on December 05, 2017

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is participating in the activities of the 28th Doha International Book Fair, which is being held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre with a pavilion dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of healthy food and exercise in preventing diseases, especially cancer.

QCS pavilion includes various works of educational competitions and recreational sections suitable for all ages, in addition to provide all information related to cancer and answer all inquiries of the masses.

QCS participates in Doha 2 [].jpg

QCS general manager Mariam al-Noaimi said, “This participation is in keeping with the our keenness to participate in all scientific and cultural events held in the country. Doha International Book Fair is a great chance to spread a health culture especially with the rising number of cases of the disease, stressed the importance of participating in such activities, which aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy food and raise awareness on the risk factors that cause cancer.” “It also aims to encourage early detection of cancer and activation of national programmes for the fight against cancer as a shared responsibility between government and non-governmental sectors,” she added.