Posted on May 17, 2015

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is preparing to celebrate the International Day of Smoking, which falls on atheist and the thirtieth of May each year, the organization of a large fan efficiency aims to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and its role in increasing the incidence of cancer, and that complex life Plaza in the twenty-eighth of this month.

A Charity put the finishing touches on all the events and paragraphs accompanying notably theatrical presentation entitled "Cigarette trial" the representation of students of Jordanian school in Doha, which embodies the life of the smoker and the damage cigarette him an extension to his family and the entire community, where sheds work highlights the seriousness of this bad habit exacerbated in all societies.

QCS prepares to celebrate 2 [].jpgPreparedness has begun for "cigarette trial" which takes a five-ten minutes for nearly fifteen days with the participation of 10 students, and the life of the smoker and the negative effects of smoking on health and the health of his children and his family the whole to become this smoker of more people susceptible to a number of heart disease and the blood and the arteries and the chance of cancer more than other non-smokers.