Posted on December 10, 2016

In its preparations for Qatar National Day this year, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has arranged a range of activities for adults and children at Darb Al Saie, from 8 – 20 December 2016. Scheduled activities will promote awareness about the importance of every citizen’s respective role to play in the national economy. Additionally, the QDB interactive center will include a range of educational activities for visitors of all ages.

The centerpiece of QDB’s presence at Darb Al Saie this year will be an interactive timeline showcasing the journey of the development agency. It will exhibit key events from the moment it was established by His Highness the Father Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, up to the present day, where it has assumed a vital role in shaping social and economic prosperity, as envisioned in Qatar National Vision 2030.

QDB kicks off National 1 [].JPG

Commenting on the ongoing festivities, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), QDB, Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa said: "This annual event is very close to our hearts, and in the past, QDB’s has continuously supported this important national celebration as a Silver Sponsor. This year, we have added some truly unique and innovative components to our interactive center atDarb Al Saie in the spirit of making QDB’s involvement larger than ever before.”

“We anticipate that the QDB’s interactive center will be buzzing with activity, and we hope that our contribution to Darb Al Saie will bring new insight to everyone – both children and adults – on the concept of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the vital role they play in a diversified economy. Moreover, our center will host interactive screens that will outline QDB’s services for SMEs, as well as offer clear guidelines to the community on how to avail them,” he added.

Additionally, visitors will able to explore ‘Souq Waqif’, a general market area at Darb Al Saie, where the SME community, including six member outlets from Bedaya Center, are hosting purchasable products and services. Furthermore, young learners are encouraged to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey through a range of educational activities at this year’s activities scheduled by QDB at Darb Al Saie. For instance, during the course of the annual celebrations, children and young adults are welcome to an ‘on-the-job’ training crash course, whereby they will partake alongside entrepreneurs in the promotion of products and basic calculations involved in sales. Parents and young adults are encouraged to register for the training program for a priority of consultation.The direct interaction is intended to transfer knowledge and spur the realization of a diversified economy.

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Most notably, QDB has installed “Sanea” (a mobile factory) at its interactive center, within Darb Al Saie, to attract the general public and students. The installation will assist users to get a glimpse of their business ideas simulated into a reality and raise awareness about the mechanisms and innovations that drive entrepreneurship.Moreover, digital displays will impart educational content and information to the visitors on the many products and services of QDB.

Visitors are also invited to spend their time at QDB’s entrepreneur-managed café and restaurant area, situated at ‘the maze’ in Darb Al Saie, during break times to indulge in refreshments, as well as have their questions answered personally by staff.