Posted on February 09, 2020

Qatar Diabetes Association has honored 150 volunteers for participating in their 2019 health and awareness programs, including the Al Bawasil Camp, Walkathon for the World Diabetes Day, and Qatar National Day.

Fathi Al Yazidi, a Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) volunteer since 2010, noted how volunteering made him realize the value of helping others, and its positive impact on his personal growth. "Volunteering was a new experience for me when I first participated ten years ago at the QDA’s Adolescent with Diabetes initiative,” he said. “What motivated me to continue volunteering with QDA is the feeling I get from  supporting children who are diagnosed with diabetes, and getting to help them change their lives for the better by encouraging them to deal with the condition and follow a healthy lifestyle.”

Al Yazidi explained that he enjoys spending many hours volunteering. “I feel proud when I work as a volunteer, and I am always overwhelmed with happiness when I meet parents at the end of each camp or event organized by QDA. We receive positive feedback and honest appreciation by the parents for helping their children. "My experience in volunteering has positively affected my relationships with both my family and co-workers. It helped me to deal with the pressures of work, and also reinforced the concept of teamwork,” he added.

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Wadhah Al-Marri, Volunteer Coordinator, QDA, said: "The volunteering program started in 1996, which was the same time that Qatar Diabetes Association was founded. Since then, QDA’s work to spread awareness  about diabetes has been reliant on volunteers. We started with a small number of volunteers and now we have a large database of people from all nationalities and specializations. “We provide training and awareness programs at QDA to prepare volunteers to participate in many programs that are in need of their help and support. Through their participation in these training programs, the volunteers gain leadership and organizational skills that help them achieve success professionally and personally. “Furthermore, the noble message that QDA carries helps promote the concept of giving amongst its volunteers,” added Al-Marri.

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