Posted on December 19, 2015

QF Radio, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development’s (QF) in-house broadcasting station, is giving children the opportunity to act as radio presenters during National Day celebration sessions at Darb El-Saai.

Taking place in a specially-designed booth, set up in QF’s tent, school children learn how to be radio presenters and get the chance to interview visitors. The activity is designed to boost the participants’ confidence and enhance their methods of self-expression, as well as think about potential career paths, which is in-line with QF’s overarching mission of unlocking human potential. Jawaher F Al-Mana, Arabic Station Supervisor, QF Radio, commented on the activity, saying: “One of our objectives at QF Radio is to invest in people and help them realise their full potential. And we are doing just that here in Qatar Foundation’s Darb El-Saai tent as we are providing local children and youth with a unique opportunity to learn how to be radio presenters and media personalities.”

Catering to both Arabic and English speakers, the activity has proved popular amongst both children and parents alike. Mohammed Al Kaabi, an 11-year-old Qatari student at Oxford English School, praised the QF Radio activity. “This is the first time I have ever spoken on the radio,” he explained. “It is really interesting to know that everybody can hear your voice, it almost feels like I am on television. Now I am thinking about being a reporter when I grow up,” he said.

QF Radio inspires children to think 2 [].jpg

Hannan Mohammed, an 11-year-old student at Umm Al Amad Primary Independent School for Girls, reiterated Mohammed Al Kaabi, explaining how she also wants to become a radio presenter when she grows up. “Knowing that my voice is heard by people makes me feel famous, I want to be the person people listen to in the car on the way to school,” she said. Additionally, every afternoon throughout the National Day celebrations, QF Radio has been broadcasting special live coverage from Darb El-Saai, highlighting the activities taking place within QF’s tent, as well as hosting interviews with visitors, including QF management, families, and VIPs.

Laura Finnerty, English Station Supervisor, QF Radio, commented on the response the booth has received this year, saying: “This activity was the best way to give people an idea about some of the work that we do. We wanted to provide something to our audience that was not too challenging and would be considered fun at the same time. This encouraged people to tune in, making them feel as though they are part of the National Day experience, which is exciting.”

Going on to talk about some of the highlights, Laura added, “Setting up these interviews gave us the chance to celebrate more than National Day, it gave us the opportunity to highlight QF’s success this year and show off some QF pride.” Furthermore, students from various universities across QF are also benefitting from QF Radio at Darb El-Saai. Young men and woman are lining up guests, conducting interviews with them, which are then edited and presented as in-depth reports on QF Radio.