Posted on March 03, 2020

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) in collaboration with Northumbria University announced a new top up undergraduate degree program in accounting and finance in addition to its existing finance related majors for the 2020 academic year.

The new top up program launch emerged as a result of QFBA’s effort to analyze the current financial services labor market and assessing future needs and trends. It provides a unique opportunity for high school graduates to pursue an undergraduate education from an  internationally recognized prestigious university, and supports Qatar’s effort towards transforming to a true knowledge based economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

QFBA-Northumbria offers students an opportunity to benefit from high quality programs accredited and recognized by international bodies in finance related fields such as accounting, finance and investment management and international banking and finance among others. QFBA’s partnership with Northumbria University ensures the highest standard practices are incorporated within the undergraduate degree programs and offers accessible and flexible schedules and timings of the courses offered. Students enrolled have the privilege to choose between morning and evening classes, and access to continue their undergraduate education at Northumbria’s UK based campus in the UK. The newly launched accounting and finance top up degree is an ideal opportunity for students at the Academic Bridge Program (ABP), Community College Qatar (CCQ), and University College Foundation as well as other students who have completed their foundation year to continue their studies at QFBA-Northumbria.

On this occasion, Khalifa Al Yafei, Director of Student Affairs said: At QFBA-Northumbria we strive to tailor our undergraduate degree programs in alignment with the future needs of the financial market, to keep with the rapidly developing technologies in the education and financial services sector. It is imperative to provide our students with a holistic educational experience that enables them to develop and grow further in the midst of an ever changing globalized world. We adopt innovate methods that are accessible to the average student and offer them flexibility in terms of class schedules while simultaneously keeping up with the latest educational standards and practices.”

In addition, he commented: “Our strategy is built on advancing young and qualified talent in Qatar by providing them access to distinguished undergraduate degree programs that enable them to compete in a competitive financial market, and prepare them with the necessary knowledge to become key actors in the financial services sector. This in turn brings us closer to supporting the pillars and mission of the Qatar National vision 2030.”

For more information about QFBA-Northumbria programs offered and the admissions process contact 4497 8329, or visit our website at