Posted on September 21, 2014

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) and Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) have successfully launched ‘Kawader’ 2014-2015, the second run of the flagship program.

On this occasion, Mr. Yousuf Al Jaidah - Deputy CEO of QFCA congratulated the participants on their selection and encouraged QFBA to continue supporting the participants’ career path by providing them with the right tools and trainings. He also indicated that such programs aim at growing Qatar’s human capital to match the development seen in the country’s rapidly progressing financial sector. Addressing the ‘Kawader’ participants, Mr. Fahad Zainal, CAO of QFCA encouraged them to take advantage of the internship opportunities that the program provides. He emphasized that, learning from the industry experts and adapting industry best practices can prove beneficial while practicing different job roles.

‘Kawader’ program is an innovative learning initiative by QFCA and QFBA, who believe in investing in the future of the potential business leaders and decision-makers of Qatar’s emerging industry of financial services sector. The program endeavors to equip participants with internationally recognized professional certifications along with enhanced personal development skills which will drive their growth in the industry. Kawader 2013-2014 helped engineer 14 young talented Qataris to become business leaders. The alumni currently hold managerial roles in the industry, where in they are already bringing in positive changes. Unprecedented success of the program lead to a huge demand by the financial industry, for ‘Kawader’ 2014-2015 and this year QFBA has enrolled 22 young Qataris who are either in their 4th year of university or are fresh graduates.

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QFBA’s CEO, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr added, “We are extremely pleased to have a very capable and dynamic group for ‘Kawader’ 2014-2015. QFBA believes that young talented Qataris are the most valuable asset of the country and we are eager to see the youth achieve their full potential. QFBA is deeply committed to support their growth. This year we received more than 200 applications and 22 applications were filtered and have been awarded a chance to be a part of the ‘Kawader’ alumni. We hope that the skills and expertise gained by the participant’s learning at QFBA can serve him/her in the field of business and will help them contribute to the demanding growth of Qatar’s financial services sector”.

The aim of Kawader is to resource the future of the financial services sector with young talented l Qatari professionals having the right set of skills and qualifications.