Posted on November 11, 2019

Qatar Finance and Business Academy in collaboration with Northumbria University (QFBA-Northumbria) took part in Qatar Sustainability Week, an annual event aimed to engage the community in a wide range of sustainability related activities, in line with actualizing the sustainable development pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

During Qatar Sustainability Week, Qatar Finance and Business Academy in collaboration with Northumbria University successfully led an initiative titled “QFBA-NU Goes Plastic Free” aimed to reduce the usage of single use plastic cups, instead promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly reusable mugs. Students were offered a 20% discount off their total coffee purchase value when using a reusable mug on the campus cafeteria. By the end of the initiative, all proceeds from the reusable coffee mug purchases were collected and donated to recycling initiatives and programs in Qatar.

A key component of QFBA-Northumbria’s corporate social responsibility is to promote environmental consciousness and reduce its plastic usage, facilitated through the slogan titled “QFBA-NU Goes Plastic Free” to raise the level of awareness on the importance of sustainability and the collective responsibility to reduce one’s own plastic waste usage. Additionally, QFBA-Northumbria sought raise the level of awareness surrounding the importance of recognizing one’s own carbon footprint and mechanisms to reduce levels of CO2 emissions for the student body, society and future generations to come.

Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Khalid Al Horr, CEO of Qatar Finance and Business Academy said: “Working towards manifesting the environmental pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030 into reality is a shared responsibility of all individuals, communities and companies within the state of Qatar. As a leading higher education institution, we are committed to reinforce this national approach by raising awareness and educating the community on the importance of sustainability and potential negative impacts of increased plastic waste usage. Through leading such initiatives driven by our CSR programs, we strive to enable future generations to experience a clean and healthy environment demonstrating a balance between economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability.”

As QFBA-Northumbria continues to further develop its CSR program, it aims to launch its own initiatives rather than participate, while continuously expanding its range and scope of work. Furthermore, raising the level of social awareness and consciousness on important issues currently facing the community allows one to mobilize their concerns, and empower their role in society to become agents of change and truly aid in achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.