Posted on May 14, 2014

In recent years, waste generation in Qatar has grown significantly posing a challenge for the country’s waste management industry. Economic and industrial expansion, the challenge of urbanization and population growth, and a lack of recycling facilities mean that 2.5 million tons of waste are now produced by the state’s residents and companies each year.

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) plays a lead role promoting sustainability and this week it convened a high level seminar bringing together the country’s leading management experts to review Qatar’s long-term waste management initiatives and suggest solutions that might tackle the issue.

Using QGBC’s ‘No Paper Day campaign’ as a starter for discussion, Mr Neil Kirkpatrick (pictured), Sustainability Manager at Parsons Brinkerhoff, said:  “The last two editions of this campaign have achieved a lot in terms of raising awareness about waste reduction in Qatar. We should strive for long-lasting change through such campaigns led by Qatar Green Building Council which can be stimulus for real change in Qatar.”

Participants praised the impact of QGBC’s No Paper Day initiative in April that witnessed 20 major national and multinational companies coming together to promote recycling and sustainable paper use.  Building on the achievements of last year, participating firms reduced their paper consumption by an astonishing 73% on the day.

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The ‘No Paper Day’ initiative is another in a line of campaigns from beach clearances to bottle top art projects led by QGBC that are designed to educate the public on environmental sustainability and waste reduction.  In particular, expert members of QGBC’s Solid Waste Interest Group have worked to raise awareness of the negative impact on Qatar’s built environment.

Speaking about the seminar, QGBC’s Director Eng Meshal Al Shamari, said: “Qatar Green Building Council is proud to play a vital role in promoting strategies to reduce waste.  By raising public awareness about the role each individual can play in preserving the country’s habitat for future generations, we will help support the sustainability goals of the Qatar Nation Vision 2030.

 “QGBC is committed to conserving the nation’s natural resources and educating the public on waste management.  Even simple steps can make a real difference, as demonstrated by the success of our “No Paper Day” campaign. Alongside the input from experts on QGBC’s Solid Waste Interest Group, ideas generated by this seminar provide a real platform for tackling waste consumption in Qatar as we look to reduce our environmental footprint.”