Posted on February 25, 2014

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) hosted a seminar this week highlighting new modern methods of design and construction applicable to Qatar and the wider region. Several pioneer architects, academics, engineers, construction professionals and manufacturers attended the event on Monday and learned about new approaches that could be applied to the green building industry across the region.

The seminar, held at Texas A&M University in Qatar within Education City, examined the alignment and holistic pursuit of continuous improvement in all elements of the built and national environment. The scope of so-called ‘Lean Construction’ includes the design, construction, activation, maintenance, salvaging and recycling of a single project. Ultimately, this approach seeks to manage and improve construction processes with minimum cost and maximum value. 

QGBC Director Eng Meshal Al Shamari (pictured) said, “We are pleased that the seminar appealed to so many industry professionals. Lean construction is a new way of thinking and the seminar addressed this concept,its respective design functions,as well as how well it is being received across the Middle East market.”

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He added, “This seminar is part of our continued efforts to increase awareness and understanding of the various aspects of sustainability and green buildings in Qatar. We will continue to bring experts and pioneers together in order to discuss topics around sustainability not only to raise awareness, but also to pave the way for sustainable research within these fields.”

Alongside an overview of Lean Construction in the Middle East, the seminar also looked at prefabrication of the Middle East market and the future procurement and construction delivery in Qatar. Luai M. El-Sabek, PE, PMP,who has over 15 years’ experience as a Consultant and Project Manager in signature mega projects in Qatar,highlighted how a staggering QR300 million could be saved by adopting Lean Construction in Qatar.

Sabek said, “With successful implementation of Resilience Lean Construction, projects no longer have to be over budget, delayed or frustrating to the client and other stakeholders.”

Silvia Grotto, is the CEO of Ecological Building for Construction W.L.L and has over 20 years’ experience in prefabricated buildings. At the seminar, she raised the importance of Green Building as a new concept of construction. Grotto said, “Prefabricated ecological constructions make a difference in the field of constructions, using eco–friendly materials to reduce energy, water and waste, in the respect of wellbeing. To consider the environment is everyone’s responsibility because what we build today will have an impact on the future.”

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