Posted on March 07, 2018

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB),Qatar’s leading Islamic Bank,has launched an Investor Relations (QIB IR) app for Android and iOS smartphones and has revamped the Investor Relations (IR) section on its website to provide investors and all interested parties with more information about the Bank’s performance and operations.

The app is one of many initiatives launched by QIB to enhance investor communications. This step is in line with Qatar Stock Exchange’s call to increase transparency in Investor Relations (IR) and provide reliable, relevant, and easily accessible information.

The QIB IR App and dedicated webpages keep the investors updated on the latest financial developments related to share prices, stock performance, bank news, financial results and key financial reports.It provides easy to use and intuitive user experience. It includes interactive financial screens enabling investors to see QIB’s historical share price and results while providing comparison with peers.QIB’s investors are global –therefore,the Bank’s IR app supports 17 languages and enable the display of share prices in different currencies as well.

"The new website and app serve as a digital platform helping investors and financial analysts access information easily and conveniently," said Gourang Hemani, QIB Chief Financial Officer. "This is a significant step in our efforts to strengthen the relationship with our investors. We recognize the growing importance of digital technology for all our stakeholders, particularly investors, and we will continue to improve our communication with them and use state of the art technology to provide timely information."

QIB cooperated with Euroland, a leading fintech company, to launch the app and update the information available on the Investor Relations (IR) section on the Bank’s website to synchronize with the app. All interest parties can download the QIB IR app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and visit the Investor Relations (IR) section on QIB's website at