Posted on October 28, 2015

Participants in Qatar Leadership Centre’s (QLC) Government Leaders Program gained a broader outlook on governance, public policy and innovation through a recent Learning Journey to Singapore. The participants exchanged knowledge with their Singaporean counterparts to strengthen their understanding of creativity and innovation by examining Singapore’s approach to national development challenges. Specifically, they learned about proven methods of solving complex public sector problems.

 “Within the context of strategic development on a national level, Singapore and Qatar share a similar history in many different fields. Singapore has earned accolades as a top global commerce, financial and transportation hub. Exposing participants to the experience and achievements of this Asian country is a significant learning opportunity that will, in turn, help them achieve Qatar’s goals,” noted His Excellency Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of QLC.

The visit to Singapore featured a wide range of interactive sessions on governance and public policy and was tailored to the needs and interests of QLC’s Government Leaders and built around three core areas: educational excellence, development strategy and managerial effectiveness. Insights gained by the participants are instrumental in refining the capabilities needed to achieve the economic, social, human and environmental scope of Qatar’s development.

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The sessions were hosted at a number of different organizations that drive Singapore’s growth, among them the Civil Service College Singapore, the Institute of Technical Education, the National Library Board, and One-North, a business park for the R&D and high technology cluster. Visits to these and other sites enabled the Government Leaders to contextualize the theories gained in the course of these sessions as well as directly engaging with influential professionals.

Diverse executives who shared their knowledge, experience and recommendations with the Qatari professionals included Mr. Roger Tan, Assistant CEO of the Civil Service College and Dr. Toh Boon Kwan, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Governance & Policy. Through dialogue with these experts, the participants were able to extend their knowledge, while drawing from their professional experience to contribute to discussions. 

The Learning Journey is an important part of QLC’s programs, giving participants an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in areas crucial for their organizations, Qatar’s development and their own advancement. Participants in the Executive, Rising and Government Leaders programs previously traveled to key sites in countries across the world, including China, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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