Posted on March 25, 2011

QNB launched a student package comprising a suite of banking and allied services tailored to meet the requirements of college and university students in Qatar, including a program to assist the students to develop positive savings habits by saving small amounts each month.

QNB’s Student Package includes current and savings accounts with no monthly minimum balance requirements, free ATM card, free online and mobile banking services, as well as free SMS alerts.

Via the bank’s eazylife suite of e-banking services, QNB Student account holders also can pay their utility bill payments and top up their Qtel and Vodafone prepaid mobile 24 hours a day.

Students can also apply for a QNB-Qtel Nojoom Credit Card which provides maximum flexibility through monthly repayment options starting from 3% of the outstanding balance. Student Package customers can obtain a credit card with a minimum credit limit of QR4,000 by making a minimum deposit of QR4, 800. If a student requires a larger credit limit, this can be provided by increasing the deposit in the same ratio.

The QNB-Qtel Nojoom Credit Card allows card holders to earn Nojoom points in Qtel’s loyalty program which can be redeemed for Qtel services or benefits at a diverse range of outlets across the country.

Students may also apply for a QNB e-Card for online purchases. This e-card will provide a minimum limit of QR1, 000, against a deposit of QR 1200, to assist them to manage their spending online. If a student needs a larger credit limit, this can be provided by increasing the deposit in the same ratio.

As a welcome gift, QNB credit card holders will receive a free Entertainer booklet, containing discounts and free vouchers in various retail outlets.

As an introductory two-week offer, the first 100 applicants of the student account will also receive a free Hala prepaid card worth QR 100. These Hala cards will be distributed through QNB branches/offices located in the Universities/colleges as a welcome gift upon account opening.

QNB is also offering a savings program as part of the student package to encourage positive savings habits among the youth. As an incentive, if the student saves an amount of QR200 each month for 12 consecutive months, each student will receive 4,000 Nojoom Points as a bonus, provided they continue saving this amount without withdrawing any of the funds throughout the 12 months period, when they will have saved QR 2,400.

This monthly saving can either be made as cash deposit or transferred automatically from the student’s current account to the savings account via a standing order.

QNB’s Student Package is available to both Qatari and Expatriate students between the ages of 18 and 24.

For more information about QNB’s Student Package call the Bank’s Customer Care Center (+974) 44407777.