Posted on October 14, 2017

QNB, the leading financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, has organized a blood donation drive with employees in conjunction with Hamad Hospital Blood Donor Center.

This important annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative was held in 3 different locations this year at QNB’s Head Office, Al Mathaf building and Grand Hamad branch over a three-day period and witnessed the participation of employees from all departments. This year’s campaign followed the success of last year’s turnout that strengthens the established objectives of enhancing blood bank stocks at HMC and raising awareness of the importance and benefits of blood donations in the community. QNB staff eagerly participated in the event, as employees from all branches gathered to partake in this altruistic initiative.

QNB organizes staff blood donation 2 [].jpg

The event entitled staff to undergo a blood pressure test, stamina and eligibility test prior to their donation to ensure the staff’s awareness of the importance of blood donation. This campaign pushes the employees towards sharing responsibility within the communities the group operates in. This initiative also benefits the donors as studies have shown that blood donation reduces cancer risk and other blood diseases, it also purifies the donor’s system from toxins and stimulates blood circulation. Blood donation also offers the opportunity to know that the donor is free of blood diseases.

QNB organizes staff blood donation 3 [].jpg

QNB was very pleased to continue its partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation in this initiative as it highlights the importance of health and wellbeing. This initiative is one of the pillars of QNB’s robust CSR strategy, that includes Health and Environment. The blood donation drive is one of QNB’s many CSR initiatives which the Group holds in cooperation with HMC and other prominent organizations in Qatar and across its international network in its efforts to support and strengthen the communities in which it operates in.