Posted on November 29, 2013
The events of the seventh Winter Camp of Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) under the theme  El Innah ( a local name for winter camps” will get underway at the Sealine area, near government services complex on Friday. In this year, the QOC made a comprehensive change in the shape of its prestigious  camp  to include  some multiple activities, events and  programs  in  a regular weekly schedule suit with all age groups . Officials in charge of the camp said that  some weeks are allocated for domestic sport federations  to stage activities will  help attracting the public and promoting the  sport games. Additionally , a number of media and cultural symposiums along with several contests, football and volleyball tournaments are scheduled for the camp. In a pre-event press release on Thursday, Mr. Faisal Saleh Al Mansouri, the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the QOC confirmed that “ El Inah” is an ideal environment for all age groups, will feature diversity in the events and  activities and programs prepared for all.

QOC Winter Camp Opening on Friday.

“All  cultural and social programs  along with the sport activities and the tournaments are prepared  to serve all ages and tastes also to meet  the family needs and provide entertainment games for kids” added Mr. Al Mansouri. Tournaments agendas  at the camp: The camp will feature football and volleyball tournaments, with a total prize money reaches QR 90.000. In registration terms : A - participant must not be registered in Qatar Football Association and Qatar Volleyball Association, b- participant should be a Qatar national, or born in Qatar, or a GCC national, C – participant shall pay a QR 1000 recoverable insurance. For registration measures, please visit  the QOC website on link, and fill the  respective form and complete all other formalities. The camp also contains other games and contest including, Electronic Games, Brazilian Tournament, Golden throw contest, photographing contest, drawing contest , Telematch games , Table tennis and  Islamic Triathlon Tournament. The governing sport body organizes the camp annually in effort  to support the engagement of local community in several life activities including religious , cultural and sport programs.