Posted on November 08, 2014

The Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit is taking place at The Ritz Carlton, Doha from 10- 11 November 2014. In celebrating its 6th anniversary, the event has expanded, offering more opportunities, including an exhibition that will run alongside the conference. Headlining the summit are some of the region's leading government authorities, decision makers, project stakeholders, master developers and technology firms.

Doha-headquartered Qatar Project Management (QPM) is representing Qatar as both the project management partner to the event as well as Chair of the Summit , represented by Mr. Salah Nezar, the Corporate Sustainability Director at QPM, who will also be chairing many high-profile panel discussions during the course of the 2-day conference. Mr. Nezar will also deliver the keynote presentation during the opening session of the conference, focusing on Solar Outdoor Cooling opportunities as a new and viable option to lead the countries of the region into a new age of sustainability in the energy- and water-intensive District Cooling sector.

Mr Nezar says: "There are just a few days in the region when direct sunlight is low. Therefore, the practical applications of harnessing solar energy in the region are massive and much more lucrative in terms of sustainability factors than anywhere else in the world. This solution can drive the massive demand growth for cooling in our expanding cities." The research being presented by QPM is co-authored by Mr. Nezar on behalf of QPM in partnership with Dirk Krüger and Jürgen Dersch from the German Aerospace Center, which is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

How does it feel to fly with the best ?

The paper explains how the sun can be an innovative and sustainable answer to a scalable and affordable outdoor cooling solution in Qatar. The groundbreaking solution aims to rebrand the outdoor environment in Qatar during the summer so it is comfortable and more appealing for people to experience open-air activities, rather than staying inside a confined environment. Some of the proposed solutions being presented during this keynote session include the cooling of a playground in Lusail City as a case study performed in collaboration with the QPM partners involved in the project.

The presentation will also cover many other key topics related to the challenges and opportunities in producing a reduced scale prototype to corroborate results obtained from a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. The results of the techno-economic study will be shared with the audience to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the proposed solution. QPM, the leading Qatari project management company, is currently managing mega projects in various locations around the world while cultivating potential markets and playing an integral role in the development of international communities.

QPM also invests in state-of-the-art project management technologies that bring projects to life by articulating problem areas, avoiding construction and ecological clashes, and reducing costs through the use of sustainable technologies and systems. QPM's technology leadership is enhanced by an international team with global experience in mega projects that are built on the highest Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards.