Posted on May 12, 2014

QPM, one of the region’s premier project management companies and the first Qatari firm in the field, is supporting the 3rd Power and Desalination Summit being held in Qatar from 12-13 May 2014.

The event is being held at the Grand Hyatt Doha and will welcome leaders from across the region, including representatives of public and private sector entities leading the evolution of the region's power and desalination market. The conference is organized by Fleming Gulf. Mr Mohamed Jassim Al-Othman, CEO of QPM said: “QPM is truly honored to be a partner of this summit and to be able to significantly contribute in such discussions where technology and innovation are shared and new methodologies can be adopted to change the way our economies evolve to meet growing demand. It is important that we work together and bring expert analysis to the table to help plan a sustainable future."

The conference agenda will cover the most pressing topics in the energy and desalination sector. The industry in the GCC is characterized by limited supply so stakeholders are seeking new and efficient ways of catering to escalating demand. This is fuelled by increasing populations in many of the region's markets due to economic diversification as well as elevated standards of living. Industrial and agricultural development are also playing a major role in the shift in demand for water and electricity.

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With space groundwater resources, a lack of fresh water bodies, and insufficient rainfall, desalination continues to be a major source of potable water, particularly in the GCC, to meet urban needs as well as supplement industries.

Over US$ 250 billion will be invested in GCC power, water and desalination projects, over the next 10 years, according to the conference organizers. Private and public sector entities are leading the overhaul of the sector with the adoption of new technologies, but many governments in the region have also announced ambitious initiatives to develop alternative energy sources in the to supplement power needs. These sustainable energy sources aim to supplement the heavy dependence on hydrocarbon-based energy, in particular, by replacing natural gas as a primary fuel in power generation.

The 3rd Power and Desalination Summit will address the challenges and opportunities of delivering sustainable power and water as the sector prepares for competitiveness and even greater projects, including some exciting alternative power projects coming out of the region.