Posted on July 18, 2014
The Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) held a ceremony to honour sponsors and volunteers of the Doha Dialogue 2014 on Migration in appreciation of their role in making the conference to success. During the ceremony, QRC announced the steps and details of its emergency humanitarian intervention in Gaza in a roundtable discussion that gathered QRC's Secretary-General Saleh bin Ali al Mohannadi and journalists.
The Doha Dialogue 2014 on Migration was held in June to shed light on the leading role played by Qatar and its business community in the protection of migrant workers. The conference was organised in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). It reviewed different experiences from around the world discussed by the presidents of more than 25 Gulf, Arab, Southeastern Asian and European national societies, as well as senior executives of Qatari government and private institutions.
"The success of the Doha Dialogue 2014 on Migration was a result of the efforts and weeks of preparations. Our volunteers have proved that their dedication can positively change the lives of others. QRC spares no effort to train and empower our volunteers to endorse their skills and make the best use of potentials, especially in charitable and voluntary action," Mohannadi said. He added,"The conference provided the chance to discuss what we can do to utilise our resources to tackle the issues of migration. The sponsors of the conference have reflected their belief into the values of public interest and social responsibility in light of the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030. We thank them for all their support to bring the idea of the conference to life."

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He reflected on the emergency appeal launched recently by QRC to alleviate the suffering of Gaza people in light of the deterioration of humanitarian conditions and the daily assaults on individuals and medical and humanitarian facilities. Mohannadi said,"Innocent civilians in Gaza face aggressive shelling while children suffer the horrors and woes of war. Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The result of any armed struggle would have a devastating effect at all levels, leaving a huge number of causalities as well as psychological impact which is hard to heal. Therefore, QRC has launched a humanitarian appeal to save the people of Gaza and allocated QR2 million for this purpose."
QRC chairman Dr Muhammad bin Ghanim al Madhaeed said that QRC organised the ceremony to show its appreciation to its volunteers and sponsors who supported Doha Dialogue. He said,"There are 400 million people around the world facing some sort of migration issues. As a member of the International Movement and the IFRC, we have taken this initiative from Doha to be a springboard to other ones adopted by national societies." In response to the tragic humanitarian situation in Gaza, Qatar Red Crescent issued an emergency appeal to raise $3 million (QR10.95) to implement a six-month relief programme for 40,000 people (6,000 families) affected by the Israeli raids on Gaza. To meet the most urgent needs of medical and fuel supplies for Gaza hospitals, QRC allocated QR2 million from its Disaster Response Fund for urgent intervention.