Posted on June 02, 2014

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP),part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D),concluded its successful three day- program at this year’s QITCOM 2014 which brought together industry leaders, innovators, ICT professionals and enthusiasts from all over the Arab region to network and create new business opportunities. 

QSTP showcased some of the best technologies supported by QSTP and developed by local innovators, hosted a special TECHtalks session focusing on social media analytics in the region, and participated at QITCOM’s Conference Venue to discuss success stories and the future of entrepreneurship in Qatar and the region.

“We are honoured to be the Technology Innovation Partner at QITCOM 2014,” said QSTP Managing Director Hamad Al-Kuwari. “QITCOM is seen to be one of Qatar’s and the region’s most powerful platforms for decision makers and thought leaders to convene, share ideas and move the technology industry forward.This year’s event lived up to that reputation by helping us share our programs, success stories and insights to inspire and support entrepreneurs in Qatar.”

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At QITCOM’s Conference Venue, Mohammad Zebian, QSTP’s Acting Innovation Director and a ten year veteran of the IT industry, delivered a brief introduction on Qatar’s ICT landscape and discussed the challenges facing entrepreneurs today.

“QSTP is Qatar’s hub for science and technology-based innovation. As such, QITCOM was an excellent opportunity for QSTP to highlight some of our unique facilities and programs we offer to foster innovation and commercialization such as: the QSTP FreeZone and the Proof of Concept Fund to fund the creation of a prototype and develop a comprehensive strategy to commercialize it. It was also an opportunity to highlight several important innovative projects QSTP is supporting in the fields of energy, environment, health and ICT. These projects exemplify QSTP’s mission to accelerate technology creation in accordance with Qatar’s national research priorities.” commented Zebian.

A special TECHtalks session was hosted by the CEO of iHorizons, Mr Mohamad Takriti discussing social media analytics in the region, drawing a large audience of social media experts, researchers,and students that actively engaged with an expert panel discussion on how social media is impacting the way we interact with the world and the way we communicate. The panel consisted of Dr Hilmi Rifai, Executive Partner at Gartner, Mr Yacine Messaoui, Technology and Future Media Manager at Al Jazeera Network, and Mr Ingmar Weber, Senior Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute. 

QSTP also showcased its support for Qatar’s top tech entrepreneurs, such as iHorizons, who created a digital platform for analysing Arabic social media content, and AMAN, who launched a commercial cyber security software application and made its first appearance at QITCOM. “Our QITCOM participation this year enabled us to interact with a great audience and gave us a chance to present our R&D efforts and the various projects that we have under development. In particular, we were showing our social media analytics R&D, which we are developing with support from QSTP.” commented CEO of iHorizons, Mohamad Takriti.

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Mr Saad Al Mohannadi, Managing Director at Aman Information Security also commented on their participation at QITCOM this year: “Being a private Qatari company and based on our responsibility towards the QNV 2030, we took on the challenge of contributing to the diversification of economy via development of an information security application. This 18 month old initiative was immediately supported by with QSTP & QCERT. During the last 3 days Aman Information Security along with QSTP demonstrated how, this locally built unique application can ease the adoption of the National Information Assurance Policy as developed by Ministry of ICT (QCERT)."

A TIEP station was also located at the booth, which generated great interest from visitors. A number of people got the chance to learn more about the program, ask questions, and register their names for the next round in November. TIEP- Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is one of QSTP’s most rigorous programs helping technology entrepreneurs understand commercial strategies and break into Qatar’s and the region’s rapidly emerging start-up scene.