Posted on April 13, 2018

About 70 artworks replete with peace and love are featured at “Qtargets - Message for Peace” exhibition which opened on Wednesday at Katara Cultural Village.

The show, which runs until end of this month, is a highlight of a participatory art project launched two years ago and led by Ukrainian artists Andrii and Nadiia Chernovil aimed towards spreading the message of peace and love beyond geographical borders and across generations. This collaborative undertaking surveyed people from various countries, age groups, ethnicity, interests and beliefs on their concept of peace. Using their own language, they were asked to write their message of peace on shooting target paper turning them into works of art.

The project resulted to symbolic artworks which included paintings by 45 local artists of different age groups and from different walks of life who creatively expressed individual messages of peace aimed at future generations.  “Through art as a common language, we would like to present the target as a means of achieving a goal,” said Andrii Chernovil. He said that the project expressed how artists viewed the idea of peace as each participant was asked to leave their message through the language of art by answering the question “What is your positive message of peace?”

The initiative becomes more relevant as it comes at a time when the need for creating peace, friendship and partnerships has never been vital amid political divisions being witnessed across the globe. According to Nadiia Chernovil, the initiative comprised two phases. The first stage involved collecting art pieces from participating artists, while the second stage entailed gathering messages of peace from people all around the world. “Visitors to the exhibition will enjoy participating in the project by leaving their own messages on small target paper using their native language. These unique pieces will be integrated into a large artwork later on,” she added.

The exhibition, which had seen the participation of people from around 65 nationalities, also comes in line with the country’s preparations for the hosting of World Cup 2022. The show  is open to the public every day from 10am to 10pm until April 30 at Katara Building 19.

source: The Peninsula