Posted on January 25, 2019

Qatar University (QU) and the Ministry of Health sign a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday at the university which covers several areas including the exchange of technical expertise, as well as consultancy and training between the two parties; cooperation with experts in QU in conducting social, health and medical research that meets the needs of Qatar’s residents and it’s elderly; making use of QU’s research centers and study areas; and finally jointly organizing seminars, debates and workshops in particular areas of interest.

Present at the signing are Professor Mariam Al-Ali Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies; Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al Marri, Assistant Secretary General for Medical Affairs at the Ministry of Public Health; as well as a number of vice presidents and senior officials of the Ministry of Health and QU.

Through the MoU, the two parties aim to organize exhibitions with the aim of enriching knowledge about shared interests. They also agree to provide vocational training to university students, by involving them in ministry needed or ministry organized research and activities, and conducting research and studies that support the design, implementation and evaluation of policies and programs that contribute to the development of the social and health of Qatar’s elderly population. The MoU also includes the formation of working committees and teams that will work together to insure the deliverables of the scope of work, and the preparation of an executive program or several programs between the different administrative sectors at both QU and the ministry.

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Professor Mariam Al-Ali Al-Maadeed welcomed attendees of the signing saying the MoU aims to effectively contribute to providing appropriate services to senior citizens, who are an important part of Qatar’s society. She adds, QU is greatly invested in serving the needs of its community and offering its expertise in this field. The MoU comes after a series of meetings where the ministry communicated the needs of the community and discussions were held on how QU can offer its expertise to help in the required areas. The two parties formed working teams that studied the needs and developed appropriate plans to work, which helped form this agreement.

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al Marri said the signing of the MoU comes within the framework of the ministry’s belief in the vital and effective role that ministries and government bodies have in servicing the nation and the community. He praised the university's cooperation with the ministry and the presentation of its expertise in the service of this important group of society.

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Dr. Kaltham Al-Ghanim, a Professor at the College of Arts and Sciences, and lead of the QU research team assigned to this project, said the university will coordinate its efforts across several departments to improve the services of senior citizens. Such relevant disciplines include statistics, social services, sociology, psychology, health affairs, and other departments concerned with providing social and health services. She says QU seeks to contribute to improve the conditions of the population and their quality of life, which is one of the important goals of the State of Qatar and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, Chairperson of Geriatrics and Long Term Care and lead in the ministry’s team to coordinate with QU on the preparation of these studies stressed that the ongoing meetings with the university contributed to the formation of the MoU, which will improve the lives of senior citizens in Qatar.