Posted on December 23, 2016

Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Foundation (QF) yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their existing strategic and research collaboration.

The agreement was signed by QU Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Prof Mariam Al-Maadeed and Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D) Executive Vice President Dr Hamad Al-Ibrahim in the presence of QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham, as well as other officials from both QU and QF. In the terms of the agreement, QF will collaborate with QU in the evaluation, protection, maintenance, commercialization and/or licensing of QU inventions, and provide periodic reports of all changes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). QF will also collaborate with QU in its strategic planning in research tools and methods developed by QF R&D such as pillar diagnostics, KPIs, portfolio analysis, and landscape and hotspot analysis.

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As both institutions collaborate on creating a National Knowledge Management Information System, QU will provide QF with access to its database of research activities funded through direct funding, an overview of potential national and international collaborations, and research white spaces. QU will also contribute to the analysis and development of policy frameworks and regulations. The terms of the agreement also include collaboration on co-recruiting professional staff in the areas of intellectual property strategy and management, data analysis, and research and development policy development.

Commenting on the agreement, Prof Mariam Al-Maadeed said: “This agreement will serve to advance QU research, inventions and intellectual property rights, and to establish an information management system that will make research knowledge readily accessible by the community, industry and researchers. “It also highlights QU’s continuous efforts to build collaborations and strategic partnerships with local and international institutions from the private and government sectors and to promoting quality education and research in Qatar and the region.”

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Dr Hamad Al-Ibrahim said: “Collaboration between institutions and across sectors, allowing knowledge and expertise to be shared and resources to be maximized, is essential to advancing Qatar’s research and development enterprise, defining strategic direction, and creating tangible impact in the form of commercially-available innovations.

“Through this agreement, the methods and tools developed by QF R&D to support strategic planning and comprehensive research analysis will have wider application, for the benefit of Qatar, and potential new collaborations and avenues of research opportunity will open up. This strengthening of the existing connection between QF R&D and QU will enable both parties to leverage each other’s capacity and intellectual infrastructure to enhance their contribution towards making Qatar a world-class hub of research and innovation.”