Posted on January 07, 2020

Qatar University (QU) Foundation Program (FP), under the Deanship of General Studies, held an awards ceremony for the winners and participants of the second FP TED Talks competition for Fall 2019.

In an effort to continuously enhance student’s English language and presentation skills, the FP Students Support Committee (FPSSC) organized the event under the theme ‘Aspiring to Excellence,’ in order to  build students’ confidence in public speaking. A total of 19 female and male students participated in the contest and five winners were selected by judges consisting of FP faculty members. A workshop preceded the competition to define the concept of TED Talks, prepared and delivered by FP English Lecturer, Mr. David Pearson. Mr. Pearson’s workshop highlighted the different methods in giving a TED Talk and demonstrated to students what is expected of them.

The FP Director, Dr. Hezam Al-Awah, awarded the winners and said, “The FP organized these kind of  events for FP students, to practice English language skills and to harness the benefits of public speaking, which enhance student self-esteem and confidence. We are committed to helping students throughout their academic journey in QU. We will carry on supporting them to discover their potential and motivate them to aspire to excellence, to achieve a fruitful university experience."

Mrs. Hayat El Samad, Assistant Director for Student Affairs of FP and Chair of FPSSC said, “The FP continues to provide students with opportunities to develop various skills and provide a rich university experience where they can grow by challenging themselves.” Shamsa Al Rushaidi, FP English Lecturer and FPSSC Co-Chair said, “This initiative was established in Spring 2018 and aims to provide an opportunity for students to invest their academic English skills in a very productive and enjoyable way." The students were grateful for the opportunity to come out of their comfort zones and look forward for more events.

Shaikha Al-Muhannadi, a winner from the competition said, “I would be more than happy to express my ultimate gratitude to the FP for launching TED Talks, the most prestigious and inspirational presentation worldwide. I was overwhelmed at first when I was instructed to give a speech in the competition described as inspirational and encouraging. However, the competition helped me harness my abilities. Likewise, the workshop was a great benefit and the contest is rewarding for us as university students who are interested in such competitions to keep us connected and spread our ideas.”