Posted on April 02, 2020

Qatar University receives The 2019 British Pharmacological Society award for third time in a row, Dr. Derek Stewart, Manager of Academic Quality Assurance at Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences Office QU was awarded for excellence in work as an executive editor for the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

He joined Qatar University in April 2019 from Scotland where he was Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. This is the third consecutive year that he has been named as recipient of the award. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology is a leading international clinical pharmacology journal published by the British Pharmacological Society. It features papers and reports on all aspects of drug action in humans and publishes research on new methods, new drugs and new approaches to treatment. 

Commenting on his achievement Dr. Derek said: ““I am delighted to receive this prestigious award for the third consecutive year. This demonstrates the quality of work at Qatar University and the reach to a high profile international audience.” Dr. Stewart is a highly acclaimed international researcher and academic. He is the immediate past Chair of the Research Committee of the International Society of Clinical Pharmacy and has published more than 180 studies. He has collaborated with individuals at Qatar University and Hamad Medical Corporation for over ten years and led on a major study on medication safety.