Posted on October 03, 2017

Qatar University College of Business and Economics (QU-CBE) held on October 2 a press briefing to outline its key achievements and future plans for the academic year 2017-2018.   

The press conference was led by CBE Dean Dr Khalid Shams Al-Abdulqader, CBE Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs Dr Belaid Aouni, CBE Center for Entrepreneurship Director Dr Mahmoud Abdellatif, and CBE department heads of Management and Marketing Dr Bader Al-Esmail, of Finance and Economics Prof Mohamed Gaied, and of Accounting and Information Systems Prof Mostafa Kamal Hassan. Dr Khalid Shams Al-Abdulqader highlighted the new pillars of CBE’s new strategy. He said: “The college’s new strategy is based on several pillars such as the graduation of highly qualified professionals, maintaining a strong relationship between the college’s alumni and its Advisory Board, and keeping abreast of the ever-changing needs of the local and regional labor market, among many others.”

He also stressed the importance of increasing the organization and implementation of international conferences that align with local and regional needs, and of fostering links with institutions from various sectors through partnerships and collaborations that enhance education and research outcomes. Dr Mahmoud Abdellatif noted that CBE Center for Entrepreneurship has been selected among the top 35 centers in the world by the Information and Knowledge Management Society. He also highlighted that the center will organize the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Local Development, first-of-its-kind in Qatar.

QU-CBE achievements and future 2 [].jpg

On management and marketing, DrBader Al-Esmail highlighted the increase of research output at CBE Management and Marketing Department, noting that over 70 papers have been published in scientific journals and books and presented in various conferences. On finance and economics, Prof Mohamed Gaied noted that CBE Finance and Economics Department will continue to advance its research initiatives through the organization of research seminars and seminars on tax awareness to ensure a full engagement with the community, the improvement of research metrics, and the establishment of research groups in support of the Corporate Governance Center.

On accounting and information systems, Prof Mostafa Kamal Hassan noted that the department will continue to offer the accounting courses in Arabic for the Arabic tracks. He also noted that the department’s accounting program has earned endorsement by IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) and accreditation by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He said: “These achievements focused exclusively on advancing the accounting profession, recognizing that the accounting program meets high educational standards, preparing students to enter the profession of accounting and the job market.”

QU-CBE achievements and future 3 [].jpgProf Belaid Aouni said: “There is an increasing demand for programs offered at CBE. In Fall 2017, 43 students have been accepted in the MBA program among 95 candidates. Around 67.5% are Qataris. Regarding the Master of Accounting (MAC) program, 22 students have been accepted among 31 candidates. Around 36.36% are Qataris. While for the Master of Science in Marketing, 26 students have been admitted among 46 candidates. Around 46.1% are Qataris.” Additionally, CBE promotes research by providing programs with thesis track (Master of Accounting and Master of Science in Marketing). It also continues to support faculty members to develop research by securing grants. Indeed, in 2017, CBE faculty members have secured nine internal grants and one external grant of the Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP).

In order to support student exchange activities, CBE selected five students to represent the college at the International Master’s Summer School, held at the University of Bradford in the UK.