Posted on July 05, 2017

Qatar University (QU) Reconfigurable Multipurpose SoC Platform and LingOcean, two projects conducted by students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at QU College of Engineering (CENG), were awarded the support of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The announcement was made by QNRF ICT Program Director Dr Munir Tag during CENG Student Recognition Days. 

The Reconfigurable Multipurpose SoC Platform project using Terasic Spider Robot was conducted by students Youssef Akram Al Hariri, Naram Sultan Mhaisen, and Omran Adnan Alrashid Abazeed. The LingOcean project was conducted by students Fatma Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Manel Fethi Ferjani, and Yassmine Barkallah. Commenting on this achievement, CSE Head Dr Sumaya Al Maadeed said: “Such achievement highlights the high-quality education offered by CSE, and underlines the commitment of our faculty members to support and help students to get involved with local, regional and international initiatives and participations in order to boost their skills and develop their knowledge and experience.”

QU-CENG projects awarded 2 [].jpg

Youssef Akram Al Hariri said: “The Reconfigurable Multipurpose SoC Platform project combines multiple fields of research which are robotics, computer vision, and sensing into a single platform.” Fatma Abdulla Al-Mansoori said: “The LingOcean project is an application for language learning, specifically Arabic language. Nowadays, new generations are not attracted to the traditional way of learning that is mainly based on papers and memorization. This defines new challenges for teachers when it comes to preparing a learning content. We came up with a solution that will make the overall learning experience entertaining, fruitful, and beneficial for students; and effective, assistive, and productive for teachers.”


Manel Fethi Ferjani said: “We have created a website that is accessible to the teacher to create for students a learning package, which is a collection of vocabulary. The teacher can have an optional assistance by the system to generate the associated content and the system suggests multiple variations. The teacher can use the generated content as is, edit it, or delete it and provide a manual customized content.”