Posted on April 15, 2020

Qatar University’s College of Health science alumni (QU-CHS) had participated in the joint International meeting of Society of Leukocyte biology and International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society and featured in the IEIIS Newsletter.

This international conference brings together leading scientists in the field of innate immunity organized by the international meeting of Society of Leukocyte biology and International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The objectives of the conference were, Disseminate latest research in the field, Offer a platform for Postdocs and students to enhance their learning experience, Provide professional workshops that further scientists careers and Networking with peers to promote collaboration

On October 2018, QU graduates, Nada Al Emadi and Duha Al Awad presented their undergraduate research work orally as well as poster at this prestigious conference. They also got to meet many leading scientists and top professors from high ranking institutions in USA, Germany, Japan and others. The event gave very encouraging feedback and international visibility that reflected positively on the quality of QU students and research.

Dr. Susu, Associate Professor of Microbiology, College of Medicine at QU said “I am very proud of our students Nada Al Emadi and Duha Al Awad for the wonderful presentation they did at the conference. Their oral presentation where both of them presented, was very impressive. People were congratulating them and acknowledging them with wonderful comments all through the three days of the meeting. Every coffee break people would approach them and say “I enjoyed your talk”, “you did a great job” and “impressive undergrads”. They attended all sessions with me and they learned a lot about innate immunity and leukocyte biology. I think we have a very promising young scientists named Nada and Duha.”

“Nada and Duha stood out in this event, many professors where impressed with our student’s performance and they would approach me to ask “are they really undergraduate students? This is like graduate research work; they did a great job presenting their work” Dr. Susu Added.

Students were supervised by Dr. Asmaa Al-Thani, Director of Biomedical Research Center and Dr. Susu Zughaier, Associate Professor of Microbiology, and College of Medicine. They did basic science research in QU labs that was accepted for oral presentation at the international conference of Society of Leukocyte biology and Innate Immunity (SLB/IEIIS) in USA. There manuscript titled “The role of hyperuricemia in modulating autophagy and inflammasome activation during bacterial infection in macrophages” is under final preparation for publication.