Posted on May 01, 2018

The College of Health Sciences at Qatar University (QU-CHS) has been selected as International Partner of the European Cooperation Of Science and Technology (COST) ACTION proposal titled “Tissue Healing in Space: Techniques for Promoting and Monitoring Tissue Repair and Regeneration”.

CHS Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences Dr. Gianfranco Pintus has been appointed responsible of the Qatar-based COST Operative Unit. The selected scientists will study new technologies and new biological and medical approaches for wound healing and tissue repair processes in space environment. They will study the wound/suture/burn behavior, healing times, and scar tissue quality in terrestrial and non-terrestrial environments.

CHS Dean and Biomedical Research Sciences Director Prof. Asma Al-Thani said: “Being selected as the International Partner of the COST ACTION proposal represents a significant opportunity for the College of Health Sciences and we feel optimistic towards this collaboration. This underlines the quality of research which is being conducted at CHS, as well as the college’s ongoing efforts to establish partnerships with local and international institutions with the aim to promote research in the field of health and biomedical sciences. We look forward to building new partnerships with top universities and researchers around the world in line with our commitment to pursuing academic and research quality and excellence, and to advancing health education in Qatar and the region.”

The COST is an EU-funded program that enables researchers to set up their interdisciplinary research networks in Europe and beyond. The program provides funds for organizing conferences, meetings, training schools, scientific exchanges or other networking activities covering a wide range of scientific topics.