Posted on February 19, 2019

Qatar University (QU) orients high school students and the wider community on the importance of science and engineering in Qatar’s growth and development through College of Engineering (CENG) organized event “6th Engineering Week.”

The annual 3-day event, which takes place from 18-20 February and is supported by Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) and Raytheon Company, is a forum to provide secondary and preparatory school students with an insight into CENG’s undergraduate programs. It is also an opportunity to visit the booths that showcase information about CENG’s undergraduate programs and to participate in live engineering experiences through competitions, quizzes and technical demonstrations. Attending the opening ceremony are CENG Dean Prof Abdelmagid Hammuda; CENG Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof Abbes Amira; CENG Assistant Dean for Students Affairs, Dr Abdulaziz Al Ali and CENG faculty, students and staff, as well as representatives of the event’s sponsors and participating companies.

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Commenting on the event, Prof. Abdelmagid Hammuda highlighted the well cemented relations between the College of Engineering and its partners from industry, saying, “This is represented in our joint programs and underlines our commitment to prepare highly qualified engineers who will be able to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 and to contribute to a knowledge-based economy. I would like today to invite all preparatory and secondary school students to visit the Engineering Week and communicate with departments’ members in order to get acquainted with CENG’s academic programs. I hope that today’s event will help students make a decision on the majors they would like to join at the university.”

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He adds, “In addition to the other school competitions that CENG is running, the Engineering Week comes as a part of CENG’s outreach programs with secondary and preparatory schools to get them involved with the college. The Engineering Week aims to simplify the engineering principles to students in order to motivate them to join CENG and be a part of Qatar’s future. At the Engineering Week, and through quizzes and competitions, students will get clear ideas about engineering and its importance in life.”

Mr. Yezen Munir, the President of Raytheon International Qatar said, “Training and knowledge are critically important in today's international business environment — and for future generations preparing to enter the workforce. Raytheon invests in programs like this to help cultivate the knowledge and valuable science and engineering skills that create sustainable careers for future innovators.”