Posted on December 25, 2016

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Unit at Qatar University College of Health Sciences (QU-CHS) recently held an orientation session entitled “Orientation to Training Courses in Public Health Program at QU: Field Experience and Health Education Practicum”.

The session was delivered by Dr Ghadir Fakhri Al-Jayyousi, Lecturer and Training Coordinator at CHS Department of Public Health. It aimed to highlight the importance of providing training for supervisors who train students in various health organizations and prepare them to become distinguished health care providers in multiple health systems. The CPD Unit had been accredited by Qatar Ministry of Public Health as a provider of continuing professional development (CPD).

The event brought together many health educators and health care practitioners who supervise and train QU Public Health students during training courses at Qatar Cancer Society (QCS). Dr Ghadir Fakhri Al-Jayyousi gave an introductory presentation on QU Public Health program followed by a discussion about the main objectives of experience-based learning for students. She also highlighted the goals of the Field Experience and Health Education Practicum courses and stressed the importance of realizing these goals during the training programs.

CPD Unit Coordinator Dr Hiba Bawadi said: “The College of Health Sciences is one of the earliest accredited CPD providers for health care practitioners in the State of Qatar. The College continues in its efforts to identify gaps in professional practice and to provide effective CME/CPD programs to stimulate a positive change in knowledge, competence, and performance of health care practitioners.”