Posted on April 25, 2018

Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Qatar Pharma to establish collaboration in the field of education and research.The MoU was signed by CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab and  Qatar Pharma CEO Dr Ahmed Mohammad Al Sulaiti, in the presence of QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham and officials from both institutions.

The terms of the MoU include collaboration between both parties to develop joint initiatives, including joint or collaborative degree programs, and to improve CPH overall education program by providing opportunities for learning experiences that will enable the students to progress to advanced level of performance. Both parties will also cooperate on providing services through the proposed drug quality control unit, supporting students in terms of professional development and recruitment, and enabling Qatar Pharma to utilize QU’s labs and facilities for research and development. Other areas of collaboration include internships for undergraduate and graduate students, the exchange of publications, research materials and newsletters, and the establishment of joint projects related to research, teaching and faculty development.

QU-CPH and Qatar Pharma 2 [].jpg

In his remarks, Dr Mohammad Diab said: “We are pleased to partner with Qatar Pharma and be the first academic institute to lead such an initiative. This partnership will contribute to enriching CPH’s curriculum, which will be in the form of tailoring certain aspects of the curriculum to ensure that graduates of QU-CPH will be able to serve the pharmaceutical industry. This MoU is in line with CPH’s commitment to meeting the national need for graduating highly-competent locally-trained pharmacists and building the needed human capacity in pharmaceutical industry. This collaboration will surely be a catalyst to driving the health care sector’s growth and development.”

Dr Ahmed Mohammad Al Sulaiti said: “It is our pleasure today to sign the MoU with the College of Pharmacy at QU. We believe in the importance of community partnership with QU in all collaboration fields. This MoU aims to improve the collaborative initiatives and support the students in professional development, recruitment, providing them with gaining experience opportunities, enabling them improving advanced performance, and utilizing QU resources in development contributions, and academic research for both parties.”