Posted on March 12, 2019

Over 160 health care students and faculty from Qatar University (QU) College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Pharmacy (CPH) and Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q) (WCM-Q) engaged in an interprofessional education (IPE) activity organized by QU Health Interprofessional Education Committee (IPEC).

The event engaged students and faculty from various professions including pharmacy, medicine, public health, and nutrition, with the aim of introducing the concept of IPE to students and enabling them to learn to be part of a professional healthcare team. It also teaches the students how to communicate in a collaborative manner. The program agenda started with welcoming remarks by CPH Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and QU Health IPEC Chair Dr Alla El-Awaisi, who introduced the students to the concepts of IPE and the importance of it emphasizing that one profession alone cannot deliver patient care.

QU Health and WCM-Q engage 2 [].jpg

Students were given a mock case, in which the patient is an elderly lady with a history of osteoarthritis, hypertension, and varicose veins, and who was brought to the emergency department following a fall. The students were expected to then identify which professionals would best meet her needs, what they planned to do and how they saw the professions working together. Commenting on the IPE activity, CHS Public Health Department Assistant Professor Dr Diana Alsayed Hassan said: “I was impressed with how the students worked together by sharing their different professional perspectives to solve the case study. I liked how the students’ diverse backgrounds came together to find a solution. This type of collaborative work is the future of a successful healthcare system.”

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WCM-Q Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dr Liam Fernyhough said: “This was a great opportunity for the students to come together and gain a greater understanding of the vital roles that each members of the health care team play.” CPH first-year pharmacy student Halima Saadia said: "By working together and sharing knowledge and perspectives, we've realized how important this collaboration is in delivering effective patient care." CHS human nutrition student, Asma Ali Al Sada said: “IPE is a positive step to cast light upon professions that are usually underrated and unrecognized. Participating in this event helped me understand the role of different professions in helping a single patient.”