Posted on June 08, 2017

Seventy-one (71) health care students (12 medical, 22 pharmacy, and 37 biomedical) from Qatar University (QU) College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Medicine (CMED) and College of Pharmacy (CPH) recently participated in the inaugural interprofessional education (IPE) exercise on antimicrobial stewardship and solving complex patient case.

The students worked together in small teams, starting with an icebreaker game. This was followed by a short lecture on antibiotic stewardship delivered by PharmD student Shiema Ahmed and a discussion among the team members on their profession’s role in antimicrobial stewardship. The session concluded with a case-based patient discussion on pneumonia in which the students worked on a daily basis to resolve the case.

QU Health students engaged 2 [].jpgCommenting on the activity, QU Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences and CMED Dean Dr Egon Toft said: “QU Health brings together its students and faculty through these IPE sessions. Adopting this interactive team-based learning and engaging problem-based learning method allow the students to reflect on the cases and empower them with critical thinking.” CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab said: “The College of Pharmacy takes great pride in offering our students a wide variety of interprofessional learning opportunities to further develop and enhance their IPE skills alongside their health care peers, both in their day-to-day learning, as well as in future, when they embark on their varied health care careers. We aspire to continue to enrich these relationships, producing highly skilled graduates and future health care providers for the State of Qatar.”

CHS Dean Dr Asma Al-Thani said: “Collaborative events like these, build on students’ understanding and practice in teamwork among health care professionals. Hence, the students develop more confidence to embark on discussions with their peers. In practice, all health care professionals work alongside each other. Starting to learn together early opens the channels for discussion among peers and reduces human-factor errors that might lead to poor patient outcomes.” IPE Chair and CPH Assistant Dean Dr Alla El-Awaisi said: “The skills and lessons these students take away from these activities will be reflected in their future collaborations and interactions with others in the health care sector. The College of Pharmacy remains committed to integrating IPE experiences within our curriculum to prepare our graduates to be part of a well-rounded, complex working environment of good teamwork, collaboration and communication.”