Posted on May 12, 2013

Qatar University and ORYX GTL today signed an agreement to provide sponsorship and internship opportunities to outstanding students enrolled in the university’s Honors Program.

The two-year agreement builds on existing strong relations between the two organizations and was signed on Sunday (12th May) by QU’s Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Dr Mazen Hasna and ORYX GTL’s Chief Commercial Officer Mohamed Al-Mushiri.

As outlined in the agreement, ORYX GTL will: fund Qatari students to attend local and international conferences and workshops, thereby helping bridge the academia-industry gap and giving students real-life experiences; support QU’s end-of-year Top Honors Achievers Awards ceremony, at which a total of six students (three male, three female) with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) will be recognized in two categories: Best Student – Academic Performance (for sciences and engineering and humanities) and Best Student – Service; to support the work of four students undertaking engineering research or design projects, in particular those related to GTL; and to contribute to the costs of preparing a thesis for a senior QU honors student. ORYX GTL will also offer priority summer training to Qatari engineering Honors students.

Dr Hasna said: “We are delighted that ORYX GTL is sponsoring some of QU’s most academically outstanding students. This agreement adds to the many opportunities available to those taking the Honors Program, which helps them achieve their full potential and compete with the best of their peers domestically and internationally.”

Mr Al-Mushiri said: “ORYX GTL is committed to supporting key education initiatives at Qatar University (QU), and in this respect this agreement seeks to support QU’s Honors Program students by enhancing the program’s teaching and learning portfolio and quest for excellence, as well as graduating qualified Qatari nationals.

“For ORYX GTL the agreement continues a tradition of recognizing and rewarding excellence in young people while supporting the academic professionals who dedicate their time to developing their charges.”

QU’s Honors Program is the only course of its kind in the Middle East, tailored to motivated students who are top academic scholars. The program comprises interdisciplinary courses encompassing science, the arts, literature, politics, history and ethics and is structured around small seminars and engaging discussions and debates. The Program is taught by outstanding and acclaimed faculty members. The courses usually emphasize participatory classroom styles, with intense and in-depth study of subject matter, the use of primary source material, team or group teaching, an interdisciplinary theme and an element of independent study. The QU Honors Program is an institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council in the USA.

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