Posted on November 06, 2018

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) College of Engineering (CENG) recently organized a Graduate Open Day 2018 aimed at providing prospective graduate students with information on the Masters and PhD programs offered at the college and to familiarize them on admission requirements and registration procedures for Spring 2019 applications. Deadline to submit applications is on 15 November 2018.

Many prospective applicants attended the event from QU, local industry and government agencies and other universities in the region. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with faculty members, program coordinators, department heads, and graduate staff to learn about the eight graduate programs offered at CENG.

The graduate program includes seven master degrees in the following fields: Civil Engineering, Computing, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Urban Planning and Design; and one PhD program with 12 concentrations in Architecture, Urban Planning, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

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Commenting on the event, CENG Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies Professor Abbes Amira said: “This is an excellent opportunity for our potential applicants to know more about our graduate programs and interact with our heads of departments, faculty members, coordinators and faculty members. Most of our applicants are coming from industry and our programs are tailored and designed to serve local industry and society in Qatar to improve employees’ skills and performance. The college is also considering new programs including 6 certificates and PhD based research programs focusing on research areas which are fully aligned with the research priorities determined in Qatar National Vision 2030.”