Posted on December 19, 2017

The Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC) at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) recently organized the first forum titled “Research Support Towards Road Users Safety Protection”, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic.

The forum brought together CENG faculty and technical staff from the General Directorate of Traffic to discuss and implement a joint plan to support traffic and road safety. Attendees included CENG Dean and QTTSC Director Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa, QU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Director Dr Kaltham Al Ghanim, and General Directorate of Traffic Awareness Director Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Radi Al Hajeri, Studies Section Head Captain Ali Al-Ettabah and Consultant Eng Hasan Younes, as well as CENG and QTTSC faculty and staff.

Commenting on the meeting, Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa said: “Through its Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center, CENG is committed to support traffic safety programs and activities in coordination with various institutions from the public and private sectors. The center is a national platform that offers relevant research outcomes and programs in the area of transportation and traffic safety.” Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Radi Al Hajeri said: “The General Directorate of Traffic is pleased to announce a plan for the implementation of joint activities with QU faculty. The plan covers various collaboration areas such as managing studies, surveys, questionnaires, campaigns and programs.”